Work in Progress

  • “Electoral Accountability in European Hard Times”

    (with Katsunori Seki and Guy D. Whitten).

    Paper | Data
  • “Restrictive Legislative Procedures and Coalition Support in France”

    (with J.F. Godbout), 2014.

    Paper | Data
  • “Fiscal preferences and policy attention”

    (with S. Brossard), 2017.

    Paper | Data
  • “Turnout and Obesity”

    (avec P. Loewen, C. Dawes, J. Settle et A. Blais).

    Paper | Data
  • “Campaign spending and electoral competition in a floating two-party system”.

    (avec M. Joanis).

    Paper | Data
  • “Issue Attention Cycles in Canadian Environmental Policy, 1960-2010″.

    (avec E. Montpetit et M. Jegen).

    Paper| Data
  • “The Maywood Effect. On the Mechanics of Fiscal Rules Efficiency”.

    (avec E. Farvaque et M. Joanis).

    Paper | Data