Research Projects

Political Behavior

  • Research grant (USPC, Labex), € 230,000, “Emotions and Vote”, 2015-18.
  • Research grant, Sciences-Po (Scientific Advisory Board), € 62,000, “Patrimonial inequalities and voting patterns”, 2014-16.
  • Research grant, SSHRC, $ 155,000 on “Political Financing, Institutions and Vote” (with J.F. Godbout and R. Nadeau), 2012-15.
  • Research grant, SSHRC, $ 60,000 on “Patrimony effect: A neglected dimension of electoral behavior” (with R. Nadeau), 2011-14.
  • Research Grant from FFCR (Fonds France Canada Recherche), $ 10,000, “Vote and Economic Assets” (in coll.), 2010-2012.
  • Member of a Major Collaborative Research Initiatives, SSHRC, $ 2,500,000, “Making Electoral Democracy Work: Voters, Parties, and the Rules of the Game” (under the scientific direction of André Blais), 2008-2015. To read more…
  • Research grant, SSHRC, $ 83,200 on “Why do polls fail… sometimes ?” (with C. Durand et J. Golder), 2009-12.
  • Participant to a Research network (French Research Agency) on the financing of the French politics (under the direction of Abel François) - 2007/10

Political Economy

  • Co-recipient of a NBER research grant (National Bureau of Economic Research), titled “Decentralization and Its Consequences in Africa: Fiscal Competition and Redistributive Politics in Benin”, $ 52,000, (with G. Rota-Graziosi, Université d’Auvergne and Leonard Wantchekon, New York University), 2009-2011. More information.
  • Research grant, SSHRC, $ 4,000, “Strategic interactions of provincial expenditures in Canada”, 2008-09.

Public Policy

  • M.I.T. Research Grant, “Who Will Serve? Recruiting and Retention in Contemporary All-Volunteer Forces”, MIT (Misti-France), $ 25,000, 2011-12 (withC. Williams andB. Irondelle).
  • Research grant, SSHRC, $ 70,000, “Punctuated equilibrium, institutionnal friction, and mimicking. The Canadian industrial policy”, 2008-10.
    Member of the Comparative Policy Agendas Project, more…
  • French Research grant, Public opinion and defense policy, C2SD, $ 35,000, 2006-08.

International Political Economy

  • Research grant, SSHRC, $ 75,000, “Burden-sharing within international organizations of security”, 2010-13.
  • Research grant FQRSC, $ 45,000, “European security as a global public good”, 2007-09.
  • Grant CERIUM, $ 7,500, “International political economy”, 2008-09.